WhatsApp new feature: Now add new members to groups directly from the chat screen

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In the fast-paced world of instant messaging, WhatsApp, a popular platform owned by Meta, continues to innovate and enhance user experiences. With the recent introduction of two exciting features, the app aims to revolutionize group interactions and add a more emotional touch to chats. This comprehensive blog post explores these latest updates, currently available to select users, and rolling out gradually to a wider audience on both Android and iOS.

Adding New Members to Groups Directly from Chat Screen

WhatsApp’s latest update brings a seamless solution to group management. Users will now notice a conspicuous banner within group chats, encouraging them to add new participants without the need to open the group info section. This clever shortcut streamlines the process, making group administration more user-friendly and efficient.

How to use this feature

To add new members via the chat screen, simply tap on the banner, and if the group settings permit, you can instantly invite individuals to join. Group admins and members will appreciate the convenience of this new addition, making it easier than ever to expand group interactions.

add new members to groups directly from the chat screen

Instant Video Messaging: Sharing Emotion in 60 Seconds!

Taking communication to a whole new level, WhatsApp introduces instant video messaging, allowing users to record and share video messages on the fly. Meta’s Founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, highlights the simplicity of this feature, comparing it to sending quick voice messages.

The Emotion behind Instant Video Messaging

The introduction of bite-sized video messages enables users to express themselves more authentically and emotionally. Celebrate birthdays, share laughter, or deliver heartwarming news through the power of video, bringing a personal touch to every chat.

How to Send an Instant Video Message

Recording and sharing video messages is a breeze. When engaged in a chat, switch to video mode with a simple tap, hold the button to record your message, and let your emotions flow. With a generous 60-second time limit, you have ample opportunity to convey your feelings effectively. For a hands-free experience, just swipe up to lock the recording.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

How can I access these new features on WhatsApp?

Ensure you have the latest WhatsApp beta version installed on your Android or iOS device. The updates will gradually roll out to more users over the coming days.

Can I add new members to any group from the chat screen?

Yes, the feature allows you to add new participants directly from the chat screen, provided the group settings permit it.

Are there any restrictions on the duration of instant video messages?

Yes, video messages have a maximum duration of 60 seconds, making them concise and impactful.

Can I use instant video messaging during voice calls or in group chats?

Instant video messaging is available only in one-on-one chats and not during voice calls or group chats.

Will video messages disappear after being viewed like on some other platforms?

No, video messages sent on WhatsApp will not disappear automatically and can be revisited by recipients.c

What if my group is too large? Can I still use the new feature to add participants?

Yes, you can use the feature to add new members even if your group is large, provided the group settings allow it.


As WhatsApp continues to innovate, these latest features open new possibilities for users to connect, express emotions, and manage groups with ease. The addition of direct group member invites from the chat screen brings convenience to the forefront, while instant video messaging adds a personal touch that words alone cannot capture.

Stay on top of the game by updating your WhatsApp app and exploring these exciting updates today. Embrace the power of emotion in chats and make your conversations more meaningful and memorable than ever before.

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