WhatsApp News of the Week: Animated Avatar Feature is Now Available on iOS and Android!

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If you are a WhatsApp enthusiast like me, you wouldn’t want to miss out on the latest updates to WhatsApp beta for Android, iOS, and Desktop. This week, we’ve got some exciting news to share, and it’s all about the animated avatar feature, a brand new addition that is sure to add a touch of fun and personality to your WhatsApp profile.

1. The Buzz Around WhatsApp News of the Week

With the latest update of WhatsApp beta, a lot of users are buzzing with excitement about the new animated avatar feature. It allows you to create a lively and dynamic avatar that moves and reacts, making your profile stand out among your friends. Express yourself in a unique way, bringing your personality to life on your WhatsApp profile.

Animated Avatar Feature

Image credits:- WA Beta Info

2. Some Features Still Under Development

Now, you might be wondering, “I’ve installed the latest update of WhatsApp, but why can’t I access this feature?” The answer is simple; some features are still under development and may not be available to all users immediately. WhatsApp tends to roll out features gradually to ensure they work seamlessly for everyone. So, if you don’t see the animated avatar feature yet, don’t worry—it might be coming your way soon!

3. Exciting Updates from Last Week

Before we dive deeper into the animated avatar feature, let’s catch up on the exciting updates from last week. The WhatsApp beta for iOS 23.15.72 update brought a redesigned action sheet for more users, enhancing user experience and making it easier to navigate through the app’s functions.

4. Improving Call Quality and Stability

If you’re an Android user, you’ll be thrilled to know that the WhatsApp beta for Android update addressed the call quality issue, making your voice and video calls smoother than ever. Additionally, the update included vital stability improvements to the keyboard, making typing a breeze.

5. Group Permissions Made Easy

Creating and managing groups on WhatsApp can be a hassle, but the recent versions of WhatsApp beta for iOS and Android bring good news. Some users now have the ability to configure group permissions while creating a group, making the process more convenient and customizable.

6. Animate Your Avatar on iOS

For iOS users who love to experiment with their profile visuals, the WhatsApp beta for iOS update introduces the animated avatar feature. Beta testers can now enjoy a dynamic and eye-catching avatar that sets them apart from the crowd.

7. Android Users, You’re Not Left Out!

Android users, too, can now join in on the fun! The WhatsApp beta for Android update introduces the same animated avatar feature, giving you the opportunity to showcase your creativity and individuality on your profile.

8. New Interface for Call Notifications

With the WhatsApp beta for Android update, some beta testers are treated to a new interface for call notifications. Now, managing incoming calls is more intuitive and user-friendly.

9. Enhanced Account Security

Safety and security are essential, and WhatsApp is committed to providing it to its users. The WhatsApp beta for Android update hints at a new security feature that will allow you to protect your account using your email address—an added layer of protection for your personal data.

10. Channel Report Feature

The article about the WhatsApp beta for Android update reveals valuable insights about a channel report feature. Stay informed about how your messages and content are performing in channels, allowing you to refine your communication strategy.

11. Experimenting with the Bottom Navigation Bar

The WhatsApp beta for Android update allows a large number of beta testers to experiment with the bottom navigation bar, offering a refreshed user experience. However, some users report that the ability to swipe between tabs is still disabled.

12. Stay Tuned for More Exciting Updates!

As always, WhatsApp continues to surprise and delight its users with new features and updates. Stay tuned for the latest news next week, and who knows what exciting additions are in store!


WhatsApp’s latest animated avatar feature is a fantastic addition that brings joy and creativity to your profile. While some features might take time to reach all users, the gradual rollout ensures a seamless experience for everyone. Keep updating your app regularly to access all the exciting features WhatsApp has to offer!


1. When will the animated avatar feature be available for all WhatsApp users? The animated avatar feature is gradually rolling out, so it may take some time to reach all users. Keep updating your WhatsApp app to stay informed about new feature releases.

2. Can I use a video as my animated avatar? As of now, the animated avatar feature supports only animated images, not videos. You can create a fun and lively avatar using GIFs or other animated image formats.

3. Will the animated avatar feature be available on older versions of WhatsApp? No, the animated avatar feature is available only in the latest beta versions of WhatsApp for Android and iOS. Ensure you have the most recent update to access this feature.

4. Can I customize the speed of my animated avatar’s movements? At the moment, the animated avatar’s speed is standardized and cannot be customized. However, future updates might bring more personalization options.

5. Is the animated avatar feature available for WhatsApp Business users? As of now, the animated avatar feature is limited to WhatsApp’s beta versions for regular users. Business users may receive access in future updates.

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