Introduction of Bottom Navigation Bar in WhatsApp

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With the latest update, WhatsApp has introduced the much-anticipated “Bottom Navigation Bar” for beta testers. This feature revamps the app’s interface, making it more intuitive and user-friendly. WhatsApp aims to align its design with the principles of Material Design 3, offering a seamless experience to its users.

The Bottom Navigation Bar: Key Features and Status

The Bottom Navigation Bar is a key highlight of this update. It is a user interface element placed at the bottom of the WhatsApp screen, featuring four tabs: chats, status, communities, and calls. This new navigation style aims to simplify the user’s interaction with the app and enhance ease of use.


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As of now, the feature is rolling out to WhatsApp beta testers for Android, version However, it may not be available to all users immediately. WhatsApp will be progressively releasing the update to more beta testers in the coming days. Some users may have already received access to it by installing the previous update (

The Redesigned Interface

The latest update not only introduces the Bottom Navigation Bar but also includes several other interface enhancements. WhatsApp has redesigned the floating action button, toggles, and rounded alerts and menus, following the principles of Material Design 3. These changes contribute to a more visually appealing and modern user interface.

A Glimpse of the New Interface

To get a better understanding of the changes, let’s take a look at the attached screenshot. The bottom navigation bar can be seen at the base of the screen, housing the tabs for chats, status, communities, and calls. Additionally, the chats tab and the floating action button have been updated to resemble an incoming message bubble, as previously mentioned.

A Potential Disadvantage

Despite the exciting features introduced in this update, there is one potential drawback. WhatsApp has removed the ability to swipe between tabs for users who have the bottom navigation bar enabled. This feature was initially introduced with the WhatsApp beta update, but it seems to have been disabled widely for reasons not yet disclosed.

The decision to remove this feature might be due to concerns about adherence to the Material Design guidelines. As users, we can only speculate whether this feature will return in future updates.


WhatsApp expresses gratitude to the dedicated beta testers who contributed to testing and reporting issues. Special thanks go to A7mad, Kingcyrious, UnluckyTester, Hypogriff, FastenM, Muhammad Hammad, and all others who actively participated in improving the app.


The latest WhatsApp beta update for Android, version, brings a significant improvement to the user interface with the introduction of the Bottom Navigation Bar. This update enhances navigation and user experience while adhering to the principles of Material Design 3. Although the removal of the swipe feature might concern some users, the overall design overhaul is a welcome change.


How can I get access to the Bottom Navigation Bar feature?

To access the Bottom Navigation Bar, you need to be a WhatsApp beta tester for Android and have the latest update (version installed. The feature is being rolled out gradually, so keep an eye on updates.

Can I still swipe between tabs with the Bottom Navigation Bar enabled?

No, with the Bottom Navigation Bar enabled, the swipe feature between tabs has been removed in this update.

Will the feature be available for non-beta users?

As of now, the feature is being tested with beta users. Depending on the feedback and stability, WhatsApp may release it to non-beta users in future updates.

How can I become a WhatsApp beta tester for Android?

You can become a beta tester by joining the WhatsApp beta program on the Google Play Store. However, keep in mind that beta versions may have some bugs or issues.

Is the Bottom Navigation Bar available for iOS users?

As of now, the update is specific to WhatsApp beta for Android. iOS users may receive similar updates in the future, but it is not available in this particular release.

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