Supercharge Your Group Calls: WhatsApp Doubles Participants Limit!

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WhatsApp, one of our most beloved messaging apps on Android, has continuously improved its features to enhance user experience. In addition to its seamless chatting capabilities, WhatsApp has also provided support for audio and video calling. While not as feature-rich as Google Meet, it serves as a reliable tool for communication. Previously, WhatsApp allowed group voice or video calls with up to 32 participants, making it ideal for connecting with multiple people at once. However, there was a slight inconvenience: users could only initiate a call with up to 7 participants and add the rest later. But rejoice, as WhatsApp has now addressed this limitation to make life easier for its users!

Expanding Group Call Capacity

In the latest WhatsApp beta v2.23.15.14 for Android, a notable update has been introduced. Users can now initiate a voice or video call with up to 15 people simultaneously. This marks a significant improvement, as it streamlines the process of starting a group call with a larger number of participants. The overall group call limit on the platform remains unchanged at 32, meaning that if there are more than 15 participants, the additional contacts can be manually added after the call begins.

Simplifying Communication with WhatsApp Call Links

Another workaround to bypass the 15-participant limit is to create and share a WhatsApp call link within the group in advance. This way, all the intended participants can join the call by clicking the shared link. While this method might not always be feasible, it offers an alternative for groups with more than 15 members.

Availability and Beta Testing

As WhatsApp consistently tests new features on its beta channel, some lucky users are already experiencing the enhanced group call limit in the latest beta release. However, the update might not be visible on all devices running the newest beta build. To take advantage of the latest features and stay at the forefront of WhatsApp’s advancements, consider joining the WhatsApp beta program through the Play Store. Alternatively, you can obtain the latest beta APK release from APKMirror to enjoy the new functionalities.


For avid users of WhatsApp group calls, this update brings a delightful change to the overall experience. With the ability to initiate calls with up to 15 participants at once, communication becomes more efficient and accessible. Whether you’re planning a virtual gathering with friends or conducting a remote business meeting, WhatsApp continues to offer valuable enhancements for group communications. Embrace the latest features and stay connected with your loved ones and colleagues in a more inclusive and engaging manner through WhatsApp group calls. Upgrade to the beta version and enjoy the expanded group call capacity today!

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