Exploring WhatsApp’s Latest Update: Community Examples Unveiled

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In the dynamic world of messaging apps, WhatsApp has once again caught the spotlight with its latest update through the TestFlight beta program. The version number climbs to, and within the WhatsApp settings, it’s marked as, while the TestFlight build is identified as 23.16.1 (503740711).

A Glimpse of What’s New

WhatsApp enthusiasts, brace yourselves! The recent update comes bearing a fresh feature – “Community Examples.” This intriguing addition is currently making its way to beta testers, and it’s about to change the way we experience WhatsApp.

WhatsApp community examples

Embracing the New: Community Examples

Name of the Feature: Community Examples

Status: Rolling Out


WhatsApp beta for iOS is officially deemed compatible, but don’t be disheartened if you’re not on this precise version. You can still savor the benefits by installing either of the following updates: or

Curious Queries Answered

  1. Why Don’t I Have the Community Examples Feature on My Version?
    You might be wondering why this exciting feature seems elusive to you. Rest assured, you’re not alone. The Community Examples feature is currently available to a select group of beta testers, with plans to expand its availability gradually over the next few days.

Nurturing Communities: WhatsApp’s Evolution Continues

WhatsApp is committed to revolutionizing the concept of communities within the platform, aiming to make them even more appealing to newcomers. After introducing a revamped interface for community information, which debuted in the WhatsApp beta for iOS update, the app is now setting the stage with practical examples of how to build thriving communities.

Putting Community Examples into Action

Upon installing the latest WhatsApp beta for iOS update from the TestFlight app, users will begin to witness these transformative changes. The once-static communities are now brimming with life, offering invaluable guidance on crafting successful, engaging spaces.

Equipping Android Users Too

But wait, Android users, don’t feel left out! The introduction of Community Examples isn’t exclusive to iOS. In fact, this feature has already been discovered within the WhatsApp beta for the Android update. Android users will also be granted access to a repository of examples, all aimed at simplifying the process of creating and managing communities on the platform.

The Path Forward: Encouraging Community Creation

While some might consider this a minor addition, its implications are grand. WhatsApp is on a mission to encourage users to venture into the realm of community creation. Acknowledging that the concept might be perplexing, particularly for those accustomed to using WhatsApp solely for instant text messaging, the platform is determined to lend a helping hand.

A Guiding Light for the Uninitiated

With the aid of step-by-step instructions and tips, WhatsApp seeks to guide users through the intricacies of community formation. Whether it’s adding groups to your community or reaching out to members through specialized announcements, WhatsApp has your back.

Forging Bonds Through Shared Interests

In essence, this update serves as a testament to WhatsApp’s dedication to fostering meaningful connections. By simplifying the process and illustrating the benefits of communities, WhatsApp hopes to inspire users to dive headfirst into managing groups with shared passions.

Embrace the Change

The dawn of Community Examples marks a pivotal moment in WhatsApp’s evolution. Beta testers fortunate enough to access this feature through the TestFlight app are only the beginning. As days unfold, the realm of communities will expand its horizon, enveloping more and more users in its embrace.


With the introduction of Community Examples, WhatsApp is stepping into uncharted territory. By providing practical insights and guidance, the platform is making a bold move to reshape how we connect and engage within its virtual realms.


Is the Community Examples feature available to all WhatsApp users?

As of now, the Community Examples feature is accessible to select beta testers. However, WhatsApp intends to gradually roll out this feature to a wider audience in the near future.

How can I access the Community Examples feature?

To access the Community Examples feature, ensure you have the latest WhatsApp beta for iOS update installed via the TestFlight app.

Can Android users benefit from Community Examples?

Absolutely! The Community Examples feature has also been introduced to Android users through the WhatsApp beta for the Android update.

What’s the purpose of introducing Community Examples?

WhatsApp aims to demystify the process of community creation and encourage more users to explore and engage with this feature.

How do I add groups to my community using the Community Examples feature?

The Community Examples feature provides clear instructions on adding groups to your community, ensuring a seamless and engaging experience.

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