WhatsApp Introducing New Security Feature: Email Address Verification

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WhatsApp, the popular messaging app, is continuously working to enhance its security features and protect user accounts. In a recent update through the Google Play Beta Program, WhatsApp introduced version, which brings a significant new security feature to the app – Email Address Verification.

What’s New in the Update?

WhatsApp is currently developing a security feature that allows users to protect their accounts using an email address. This feature is expected to be available in a future update of the app. As of now, it is under development and not yet ready for beta testers.

Name of the Feature: Email Address – Security Feature

The new security feature will be known as “Email Address – Security Feature,” and it aims to provide users with an additional layer of protection for their WhatsApp accounts.


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Status: Under Development

As mentioned earlier, the email address security feature is currently under development. It means that even though the update has been rolled out, the feature is not accessible to beta testers yet.

Availability: Coming Soon!

WhatsApp is actively working on bringing this security feature to a future update of the app. Users can expect it to be available once the development and testing phases are complete.

Why the Feature is Not Available Yet?

Since the email address security feature is still under development, it is not yet activated for beta testers. However, WhatsApp has provided a preview of the feature in this article to give users an idea of what to expect.

What to Expect from the Email Address Security Feature?

Although specific details are limited due to its ongoing development, the email address security feature will prompt users to provide their email addresses to safeguard and verify their accounts. The exact scenarios in which the email address will be utilized for enhanced security remain undisclosed.

The Importance of Account Protection

In light of increasing cyber threats and unauthorized access attempts, providing users with new tools to protect their WhatsApp accounts is essential. The introduction of the email address security feature demonstrates WhatsApp’s commitment to user privacy and data protection.

Complementing Two-Step Verification

It’s crucial to note that the email address security feature is separate from the existing two-step verification process. The two-step verification primarily relies on a code sent via SMS or call to secure the account, whereas the email address security feature will add an extra layer of verification and protection.

Optional Feature for Enhanced Security

The email address security feature will be optional for users, allowing them to decide whether they want to implement this additional level of security for their accounts.


WhatsApp’s commitment to ensuring user security is commendable. The forthcoming email address security feature promises to be a valuable addition to the app, providing users with more control over their accounts and ensuring peace of mind.

WhatsApp users can look forward to the release of this feature in an upcoming update. As WhatsApp continues to fine-tune and test the feature, more information and details are expected to be shared in the future.


When will the email address security feature be available?

The feature is currently under development and is expected to be available in a future update of the WhatsApp app. Keep an eye out for further announcements.

Can I test the email address security feature now if I’m a beta tester?

No, the feature is not ready for beta testing yet. It is still in the development phase, and WhatsApp is working to ensure it meets the highest security standards before making it accessible to beta testers.

Will the email address security feature be mandatory?

No, the email address security feature will be optional. Users can choose to enable it for additional account protection, but it won’t be a compulsory requirement.

How will the email address be used for verification?

While specific details are not yet disclosed, the email address is likely to be used for account verification and added security measures.

What other security features does WhatsApp offer?

WhatsApp already provides two-step verification, which adds an extra layer of protection to your account. Additionally, the app offers safeguards against unauthorized attempts to move an account to another device and protects against malware.

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