WhatsApp Redesigns Security Notifications Menu to Prioritize Privacy Protection

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WhatsApp, renowned as one of the best chat apps globally, is continuously striving to enhance user experience and security. Beta versions of WhatsApp often provide users with early glimpses of upcoming functionalities, and the latest beta version, for Android, introduces a significant visual change to the Security notifications menu. While the beta features might not all make it to the stable release, this particular redesign signals WhatsApp’s dedication to strengthening account protection and prioritizing user privacy.

WhatsApp security notification redesign

What’s New in the Redesigned Security Notifications Menu

Upon inspecting the beta version, users can immediately notice the redesigned header image at the top of the Security notifications page. This refreshed header aims to create a visually appealing and intuitive user interface, reinforcing WhatsApp’s commitment to security.

The most prominent change lies in the rephrased text that now reads, “WhatsApp protects your privacy,” placed strategically below the header image. By emphasizing the primary goal of safeguarding user privacy, WhatsApp aims to instill confidence in its users regarding their sensitive data.

The disclosure about end-to-end encryption capabilities, a cornerstone of WhatsApp’s commitment to security, is now presented more prominently with centered positioning. Users will find larger bullet points below this disclosure, now adorned with green icons instead of the standard gray ones found in the current stable version. These bullet points highlight WhatsApp’s key features that remain inaccessible to both developers and the parent company, reinforcing the platform’s commitment to user privacy and data protection.

Rollout and Availability

WhatsApp beta version started rolling out to enrolled Android users via the Play Store this week. Early adopters have already reported seeing the redesigned Security notifications menu on their devices. For example, it has been observed on a Google Pixel 6a running WhatsApp beta version

Significance of the Redesign

While this visual change might appear subtle, it holds immense significance in reaffirming WhatsApp’s commitment to privacy protection. The redesigned menu aligns with the growing concerns of users worldwide regarding data privacy and government surveillance. With a renewed emphasis on highlighting its security credentials, WhatsApp aims to assure its users that their sensitive conversations and personal information are safe within the platform.


WhatsApp’s latest beta version introduces a redesigned Security notifications menu that emphasizes user privacy and data protection. With a visually appealing header image and rephrased text, WhatsApp underscores its commitment to safeguarding user information. The inclusion of green icons on key features highlights the platform’s dedication to end-to-end encryption and reinforces that user data remains inaccessible to third parties. As awareness about data privacy continues to grow, this redesign signals WhatsApp’s proactive approach to prioritize user security, ensuring a positive user experience on the platform.

Please note that beta features are subject to change before reaching the stable release. However, this redesign exemplifies WhatsApp’s ongoing efforts to enhance security and privacy features to meet the evolving needs of its users.

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