WhatsApp’s Poll Sharing in Community Announcement Groups

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In the ever-evolving landscape of communication apps, WhatsApp continues to stay ahead of the curve with its regular updates and feature enhancements. The recent update through the TestFlight beta program, elevating the version to, brings a significant addition to the table. This version, denoted as within WhatsApp Settings, aligns with the TestFlight build numbered 23.17.1 (508474174). But what truly sets this update apart is the exciting new feature that’s making waves among beta testers: the ability to share polls within community announcement groups.

A Fresh Feature Emerges

WhatsApp’s dedication to enhancing user experience is evident with its newest feature: poll sharing within community announcement groups. This feature, although currently available only to some beta testers, signifies a step towards increased engagement and interaction within the WhatsApp community.

The Evolution of Polls

The groundwork for this feature was laid in a previous WhatsApp beta for Android update. At that time, a buzz surrounded the introduction of polls, a novel way for community members to express their opinions. However, this feature was initially limited to general chats and wasn’t accessible within community announcement groups. The rationale behind this limitation was to maintain the privacy of participants’ phone numbers, a crucial aspect for WhatsApp users.

Privacy Takes Center Stage

Maintaining privacy has always been a priority for WhatsApp. The introduction of the phone number privacy option paved the way for expanding the poll feature to community announcement groups. With this update, WhatsApp has addressed the concerns that arose from the potential exposure of phone numbers to those participating in polls. This enhancement now allows for a seamless experience, safeguarding users’ personal information.

Embracing the Change

Upon updating to the latest WhatsApp beta for iOS version through the TestFlight app, beta testers are now presented with the opportunity to engage with the new feature. As seen in screenshots, community administrators are empowered to create and distribute polls within their respective community announcement groups. The process is simple: open the community announcement group and select the designated poll entry point within the chat share sheet.

Size Matters

It’s essential to note that this feature’s availability might be tied to the size of the community announcement group. In specific terms, this feature could currently be accessible in community announcement groups with less than 1024 participants. The future holds the potential for this limitation to be lifted, broadening access to a wider audience.

Unveiling a New Tool for Engagement

WhatsApp’s inclusion of poll sharing within community announcement groups isn’t just a technical upgrade; it’s a strategic move to bolster engagement. By allowing community administrators to create and circulate polls, WhatsApp opens up avenues for meaningful interaction. Community members can now voice their preferences, provide feedback, and actively participate in decision-making processes.

Privacy-Preserving Participation

A noteworthy aspect of this feature is its alignment with WhatsApp’s commitment to privacy. Engaging in a poll remains a confidential endeavor, with participants’ phone numbers staying hidden by default. This reassurance encourages more active participation, as users can voice their opinions without any reservations about their personal information being compromised.

The Path Forward

As of now, the ability to share polls within community announcement groups is accessible to select beta testers who’ve updated to the latest version of WhatsApp beta for iOS via the TestFlight app. Over the upcoming weeks, the rollout of this feature will gradually encompass a broader user base.


WhatsApp’s latest update, ushering in the ability to share polls within community announcement groups, reflects the platform’s dedication to enhancing user engagement while safeguarding privacy. This strategic move not only empowers community administrators but also fosters more active participation from community members. By seamlessly combining technology with privacy, WhatsApp continues to reshape the dynamics of digital communication.


1. Is the poll-sharing feature available to all WhatsApp users?
As of now, the feature to share polls within community announcement groups is available to some beta testers who’ve updated to the latest WhatsApp beta for iOS through the TestFlight app.

2. Can I participate in a poll anonymously?
Absolutely! WhatsApp has ensured that your participation in polls remains private, with your phone number hidden by default.

3. Will the feature be expanded to larger community groups?
While currently limited to community announcement groups with fewer than 1024 participants, there’s a possibility that this limitation might be lifted in the future.

4. How can I create a poll within my community announcement group?
Simply open the community announcement group and select the poll entry point within the chat share sheet to create and distribute polls.

5. When can we expect the feature to be available to all users?
The feature is gradually rolling out to a broader user base over the next few weeks. Keep an eye out for updates on your WhatsApp app.

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