You Can Finally Share Your Screen On WhatsApp Video Calls

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Screen sharing has become an exciting new feature on WhatsApp, the world’s most popular messaging app. As WhatsApp continues to expand its capabilities, it is now positioning itself to compete directly with more robust video-calling platforms like FaceTime and Google Meet. Among the latest enhancements, users can now share their screens during video calls, regardless of whether they are using an iPhone, Android device, or the Windows app. (Please note that there is currently no news regarding screen sharing for the Mac app.)

Unlocking the Power of Screen Sharing

The inclusion of screen sharing adds a whole new dimension to the WhatsApp experience, with various benefits depending on the device you’re using. On iPhones and Android devices, this feature is a convenient tool for instantly showcasing what’s on your screen. Whether you want to share something amusing with a friend or you need to troubleshoot an issue, screen sharing simplifies the process.

However, it’s in the realm of Windows that this feature truly shines. For small businesses and teams that rely on WhatsApp groups for work-related communication, the introduction of screen sharing brings a whole new level of functionality. With just a few taps, participants in group calls can now engage in seamless screen sharing.

How to Access Screen Sharing

Accessing screen sharing during your WhatsApp video call is straightforward, albeit with slight variations based on your chosen platform. Once you’ve initiated a video or conference call, you’ll notice a new “Screen Sharing” button nestled within the bottom toolbar. This toolbar typically contains options for toggling between cameras and ending the call.

When you select the screen-sharing option, your device’s native screen-sharing feature will activate. You’ll be prompted to grant WhatsApp permission to share your screen through the device’s pop-ups. Once enabled, your video feed will be replaced by a preview of your screen’s content. Exiting the app at this point will reveal a floating view of the ongoing video call, with your shared screen content visible to all participants.

For mobile users who prefer a more expansive view, simply rotate your smartphone to landscape mode. This adjustment will provide a wider frame for displaying shared content.

Seamless Transition and Convenience

Once you’ve finished sharing your screen, seamlessly transition back to the call by tapping the “Stop Sharing” button. This feature ensures that your conversations remain fluid and uninterrupted, enhancing the overall video-call experience.


The addition of screen sharing to WhatsApp’s array of features marks a significant step forward in enhancing user interaction and communication. This innovation caters to various needs, from personal moments of sharing to professional collaboration among teams. WhatsApp’s commitment to continuous improvement and adaptation is evident in this latest update.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can I share my screen during a WhatsApp video call on a Mac?

As of now, screen sharing is not available for the Mac app. WhatsApp has introduced this feature for iPhones, Android devices, and the Windows app.

Is screen sharing available in group calls?

Yes, screen sharing can be utilized during group calls, making it a valuable tool for businesses and teams.

Can I adjust the size of the shared screen on my mobile device?

Absolutely! You can switch your smartphone to landscape mode for a broader view of the shared content.

Is screen sharing available for conference calls as well?

Yes, you can use screen sharing during both regular video calls and conference calls on WhatsApp.

What happens if I exit the app during screen sharing?

Exiting the app will reveal a floating view of the ongoing video call, with your shared screen content visible. To stop sharing, simply tap the “Stop Sharing” button.

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