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What is GB WhatsApp?

GB WhatsApp is a moded version of regular WhatsApp. It is developed by Android enthusiasts who are committed to exploring new heights in the world of social communication. That’s why, WhatsApp GB gained extreme popularity among users due to enhanced functionality. For example, increased file size, maintain multiple accounts, hide status, hide chats, customized themes and the list goes on.

GB WhatsApp download & user’s concern

Hence, it’s not an official version of, that’s why some people are concerned about their privacy. Here comes GBWA APK. We will guide you on how you can keep your phone safe from viruses. The selected antivirus apps provide the best scanning. They are “CM Security”, Lookout”, and “McAfee”. It is worth mentioning that, GB WA is a mod and not an official WhatsApp, so your privacy and data protection cannot be guaranteed. Sometimes you may face account bans and other similar issues as this version is not endorsed by

Highlights of GB WhatsApp download 2023


Hide online status

airplane mode

Airplane mode


Status download

follow up

Auto reply


Media sharing

Send large files

Hide online status

Many of us want to hide our online status from others due to personal reasons. GBWA allows you to hide your status so other people don’t know whether you are online or offline. Similarly, when we see the status of others, they can check that you just saw their status. WhatsApp GB can do it without others knowing that you saw their status. Now you can watch everyone’s status without revealing it to them with full discretion.

gbwa apk

Airplane mode in download WA GB

Airplane mode in GB watsapp apk is basically a DND (Do Not Disturb) mode. If you are tired of messages or want to browse the internet without receiving messages on GBWA APK, this function is best for you. Normally, whenever we switch ON data on our smartphone, we immediately receive messages on WhatsApp. Ignoring these messages can cause problems for us in social our social lives. If you want not to fall into such an awkward situation, first activate DND / Airplane mode on your GBWhatsApp.

GBWA apk

Auto reply

If you want to send an automated reply to the sender, this feature provides you the facility to do it easily. Especially if you are a business person. Type a message for your customers for example “We have received your feedback. We’ll reach you soon”. This will enhance your customer relationship in a very positive way. This will also build trust in customers. Furthermore, if you are a very busy person and normally reply to your contacts at late night. You can set auto-reply on GBWA APK, so they are satisfied from your side.

auto reply gb whatsapp

Status download

Sometimes we like the status of others while watching WhatsApp statuses. But regular WA does not provide the option to download it so we can use it. Here comes, GBWA APK. With the help of this amazing feature, you can download the status of anyone and use it whenever required. You can make a huge collection of statuses for the future. Depending on your mood, you can select any one of them and upload it to your account to let others know about your mood.

whatsapp status download

Media sharing

Media sharing in GBWA APK is bliss. You can share your favorite pictures, audio, or video with ease and comfort. You can also share documents for example PDFs and MS Office files. This feature allows you to send files to as many accounts as you want. On the other hand, regular WA only allows you to send files to only 5 contacts. Sounds frustrating? For sure. That is a good reason to download and install GBWA APK on your smartphone and be smarter than others.

many file on gb whatsapp

Send large files with GB WA apk

Unlike normal WA, you can send huge-size files up to 100 GB on GBWA APK. Just simply drag and drop large files to GBWA APK and select the contact you want to share these files with. This feature uses Dropbox or google drive to send large files. Your friends will be able to download the file with one click from the link provided by you.

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Top Features of GB WhatsApp APK

Amplified File Size Limits in gb whatsapp download

With GBWA APK, bid farewell to file size restrictions. Unleash your creativity by effortlessly sharing videos up to a staggering 50 MB and documents up to a generous 100 MB. Now, relish the convenience of seamlessly sharing high-quality multimedia content with your loved ones.

Seamless Multiple Accounts gb whatsapp download

Simplify your life with GBWA APK innovative multiple accounts feature. No more juggling between devices or compromising your privacy. Enjoy the freedom to operate multiple WhatsApp accounts simultaneously on a single device. Keep your personal and professional worlds separate effortlessly.

Personalized Theme Customization gb whatsapp download

Unleash your individuality with GBWA APK captivating theme customization feature. Transform the look and feel of your chats by choosing from an extensive collection of themes. Tailor your conversations with unique backgrounds, fonts, and captivating color schemes that resonate with your personality.

Empowering Privacy Enhancements

Your privacy matters and GB WhatsApp empowers you with enhanced privacy features. Take control of your WhatsApp experience by hiding your online status, disabling read receipts, and concealing your view status from specific contacts. Enjoy a heightened sense of privacy and maintain your desired level of communication discretion.

Convenient Message Scheduler gb whatsapp download

Never miss an important occasion again with GB WhatsApp’s handy message scheduler. Effortlessly schedule messages to be sent at precise times, ensuring your birthday wishes, reminders, or vital announcements reach the intended recipients exactly when you want them to.

Intuitive Custom Notifications gb whatsapp download

GBWA APK understands the need for personalized notifications. Tailor your experience by setting custom notifications for individual contacts or groups. Stay informed with distinct ringtones, vibrations, and pop-up notifications, allowing you to identify important messages at a glance.

Advanced Security Features gb whatsapp download

Your conversations deserve top-notch protection, and GB WhatsApp delivers just that. Benefit from an array of advanced security features, including app lock and fingerprint lock options, ensuring your chats remain confidential and inaccessible to prying eyes.

Enhanced Media Sharing Options gb whatsapp download

GB whatsapp download elevates your media-sharing capabilities. Enjoy the freedom to share high-resolution images and uncompressed audio files without compromising quality. Experience the joy of expressing yourself through pristine visual and auditory content.

Extended Status Length gb whatsapp download

Break free from character limitations with GBWA APK extended status length feature. Share your thoughts, experiences, and updates with the world by creating longer, more expressive status messages that captivate your audience.

Seamless Data Migration gb whatsapp download

Upgrading to GB WhatsApp is a breeze. Seamlessly transfer your existing chats, media, and settings from the official WhatsApp application to GB WhatsApp, ensuring a smooth transition without losing any precious data.

How to download GB WhatsApp APK?

  1. Type GB WhatsApp APK in Google. You can download it from third-party websites as it is not the app from Be cautious while downloading from other sources. The app may have viruses/malware.
  2. Navigate to the Download section.
  3. Locate your favorite version of GBWA APK or select the latest version available.
  4. Click on the download button, the app will be downloaded to your PC or Phone.

How to install GB WhatsApp APK?

  1. Before installing GBWA, make sure that the “installation from unknown sources” settings are activated in your smartphone settings.
  2. Go to the download folder or other folder where you downloaded the APK file.
  3. If you downloaded the APK file on a PC, transfer it to your phone memory or SD card.
  4. Click on the downloaded APK file on your smartphone.
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions and the app will be installed.
  6. After installation, log in to your account with a similar process as in regular WhatsApp.
GB WhatsApp Secret Settings

Conclusion GB WhatsApp Download

GB WhatsApp emerges as a remarkable alternative, empowering users with its abundant features and capabilities. With enhanced file size limits, seamless multiple account management, personalized theme customization, and advanced privacy enhancements, GBWA APK revolutionizes the way we communicate.

From the convenient message scheduler to intuitive custom notifications, the app’s extensive array of features enhances user experience and ensures privacy and security. With GB WhatsApp, you can share media effortlessly, enjoy extended status length, and seamlessly migrate your data. Embrace the future of messaging with GB WhatsApp and unlock a world of limitless communication possibilities. Upgrade to GBWA APK today and experience a messaging revolution like never before!

Important Notice while downloading gb whatsapp download

Kindly be aware that GB WhatsApp is not an official version of WhatsApp. While GB WhatsApp offers a multitude of exciting features and enhancements, it is developed by a third party and is not affiliated with the official WhatsApp platform. Therefore, it is essential to exercise caution and understand the potential risks associated with using unofficial applications. These risks may include compromised security, data breaches, and violations of WhatsApp’s terms of service. As responsible users, it is crucial to prioritize your privacy and make informed decisions when choosing alternative messaging platforms.

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